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ThermaClear Acne Device

ThermaClear is a device, similar to the Zeno, which is clinically proven to clear pimples in as little as 24 hours.

ThermaClear prides itself on being the only personal-use acne device to use a highly effective 2-second per pimple technology to neutralize acne causing bacteria.

What makes this device handy to have is that it can be used on pimples often before they even become visible; which is a very appealing feature to keep your face clear.

Another nice feature about this device as compared to other similar acne clearing devices is that there’s no replacement tips every month. The tips can provide up to a year of use.

Other products in the ThermaClear product line are: Clarifying Cleanser and Cleansing Pads, although the device is the highlight of this company.

Go to the Official ThermaClear Website

:: Actual User Feedback

These are unsolicited, unbiased consumer reviews of this product - found on various forums, blog comments and other social media sites. Actual feedback is only sourced here when the commenter has no incentive or bias.

"It's worked for me to help my pimples go away sooner. Just recently I felt one forming under my skin and I used my ThermaClear to kill the bacteria under the skin to stop it from growing any bigger and it worked."
Portion of actual user review on Yahoo Answers

"It works BEST on newly emerging pimples. For existing pimple ,it will shorten the pimples existence on your skin. I will say it is a very effective pimple prevention gadget and hassle free."
Portion of actual user review on Yahoo Answers


"Zeno (and probably ThermaClear as well) is meant for the big, inflamed pimples - the ones that start off as sore, red bumps under the skin that either never develop a head or eventually turn into a pustule. You have to catch the pimple very early in its development for heat treatments to be effective."

Portion of actual user review on Acne.org



"I'll be upfront. I work for the company that manufactures and markets ThermaClear. But, I'm not going to give you a sell job. Instead, let me try to help you figure out if ThermaClear is for you.

A lot depends on your type of acne. ThermaClear is designed to treat what are commonly called pimples or zits. We've not done testing on cystic or nodular acne, so I can' make any promises for those more severe forms."

Portion of actual user review on Yahoo Answers



"...complaints have been mainly about the sting that occurs when you use it, but I don't think it's that bad. The sensation is like a very mild electric shock or warm sensation (it seems to differ depending on the part of my face where I use it) Initial use seems to have increased redness immediately after (for about 10 minutes or so) but that decreases afterwards."

Portion of actual user review on Yahoo Answers



"With ThermaClear each pimple is treated for few seconds, with Zeno each treatment is 2 1/2 minutes. I have read that ThermaClear is quite a bit more painful than Zeno. Both products are really meant to treat a few inflamed pimples here and there, not really for treating more widespread acne problems."

Portion of actual user review on Acne.org



Go to the Official ThermaClear Website

:: Verdict









Based on 64 Unbiased Reviews.


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Our Research on ThermaClear Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), ThermaClear is a highly effective solution for clearing up newly emerging pimples and stubborn under-the-skin red marks.

With proper use, ThermaClear is one of the most effective ways to kill acne bacteria. Although there is a mild sting associated with using ThermaClear, it's benefits soar over its' downsides.


ThermaClear works extremely well, and it works fast. ThermaClear is safe, effective and simply easy to use. For that reason, it's ranked #2 overall of our Top 3 Rated Acne Products.

Results Seen in: Almost Instantly


Effects: Users noticed an overall reduction, if not elimination of their pimples and blemishes within minutes. Redness sometimes lasts longer for others. For long term control, it might be recommended to use a regimen, like the one suggested here.

Suggested Usage:
Generally, ThermaClear works best on brand new pimples as soon as they start to appear.

Go to the Official ThermaClear Website

:: Product Details


This package contains just the ThermaClear device.

For Skin Sensitivity:  Mild to Severe
For Oil Level:  Any
For Acne Severity:  Any
Product Size:  Moderate for a device
Month's Supply:  Replacement tips last about 1 year
Available Online:  
Money Back Guarantee:   - 30 Day


Company Info:

ThermaClear is a brand name owned by Therative, Inc The domain name (ThermaClear.com) was registered under this company in 2005.


For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB.



Simply turn on ThermaClear, place the treatment tip on the pimple and press the pulse button. Treatment time is 2-seconds per pimple. It’s that simple


Both devices work by killing the bacteria with heat - when this is done early enough it can completely prevent the pimple from ever getting inflamed.


These heat treatment devices are NOT meant for little non-inflamed whiteheads or blackheads and doesn't work well on fully developed pustules, because once a zit has become a full blown pustule, the bacteria has already been killed by the body and then the body's healing process just needs to run its course.

It is also not supposed to be used on large cysts or nodules.


Price:  $149.99
Return Policy:  30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Official ThermaClear Homepage

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